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Chocolate Babka - 24 oz
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Babka is a cake with Eastern European roots and modern gourmet appeal.   Over a century ago immigrants to the New World carried their treasured recipes for babka with them across the Atlantic.  Since then, babke has held a place of honor among landmark New York bakeries and gourmet shops.  But not all cakes that bear the babka name are equal.  If you haven’t yet tasted this babka, it is only fair to warn you that once you do, you will never be satisfied with an inferior one. This babka is the one that consistently generates rave reviews for its irresistible combination of delectable flavor and texture.

The chocolate babka is made from yeast dough spread with luscious chocolate filling.  The filled dough is twisted to form the swirls of chocolate you see when you slice the loaf.  These swirls pack every bite with chocolate rich and dense enough to satisfy the cravings of any chocoholic.

Babka is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee at breakfast or any time you want a satisfying treat in your favorite flavor.   If you are able to resist the temptation to keep it all for yourself, buy a loaf or two to set out for friends and family.  They’ll really appreciate your thoughtfulness.   The loaves freeze well and can be served either room temperature or warmed up slightly. 

The babkas are made fresh with all-natural, nut-free ingredient. Certified kosher pareve.  The 24 ounce loaf should serve 10-12.

Please note: All our babkas & Rugalech have a shelf life of 6 - 8 weeks and stays fresh in unopened sealed bag for 6 to 8 weeks

Customer Reviews

from n.j.! Your chocolate babkas are superb. I send them to my daughters and grandchildren in Texas and Singapore, and I send them as holiday gifts all over the country. Everyone agrees that your babkas are the best. Many thanks, bob
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This is the best Babka I have ever had by far. They don't ruin the marvelous texture with raisins or nuts - bravo Green's!
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I am currently in Branford Connecticut. I was shopping in Big Y and I came across a display of your chocolate babkas. I thought to myself, "This is interesting, but it can't be any good. I mean, I'm in Connecticut." Nonetheless, I one up and read the label, and much to my very pleasant surprise, it came from Brooklyn. Suddenly, the whole situation changed completely and the babka in my hand gained a whole new legitimacy. I had to bring it home. My wife and I and all our New England yankee friends who never heard of a babka are in love! Never mind it's good considering we bought it in Connecticut. It is better than pretty much any other babka we have bought in Brooklyn or anyplace else!Fantastic!
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We did eat this babka at our New Year’s party, and this is delicious! The best of the bunch.
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We bought this at Whole Foods in Santa Fe...it is absolutely delicious. We live in Santa Barbara.....please get Whole Foods here to carry it...LOVE it!
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