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Cinnamon Babka 24 oz
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Full of cinnamon swirls and old world charm, Green's Cinnamon Babka is the most delectable babka on the market. Prepared and baked fresh daily in the same tradition it was over a century ago, Green's Cinnamon Babka is Eastern European dessert made of a brioche-like yeast dough with sweet cinnamon swirls. Green's babkas pair perfectly with your morning coffee and are sweet enough to satisfy your dessert cravings. Often revered as New York City's best babka, Green's Babka makes the perfect gift for gift for holidays, birthdays, or just because.

Green's Babka was inspired by Mrs. Chana Green from the remote shtetl of Halmin, Hungary. Known for her delectable pastries, Mrs. Green's children became intrigued with the art of pastry making and chose to follow in her footsteps, opening Green's Babka in a small Brooklyn basement. With her original recipes in hand, multiple generations of Mrs. Green's of children carry on her legacy through baking highest-quality babka and rugelach. Green's Babka is proud to bake the best traditional kosher Jewish pastries on the market and guarantees the life of your fresh product.

The babkas are made fresh with all-natural, nut-free ingredients. Certified kosher pareve.  The 24 ounce loaf should serve 10-12.

Please note: All our babkas & Rugalech have a shelf life of 6 - 8 weeks and stays fresh in unopened sealed bag for 6 to 8 weeks


Customer Reviews

In Texas, I had never heard of Babka bread before, then our local Grocery store started selling it. It reminds me of the wonderul cinnamon bread my mother made. It is simply delicious. Anyone who loves cinnamon should not pass this up.
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I was in Houston visiting my daughter. She served a Green's Babka, which I LOVE and used to bring back to LA from Zabar's in NY. So we went to her local market, I bought two and put them in my suitcase. When flying home, my carry-on and I went through Security--and got pulled aside. The guard slightly apologetically explained he'd have to check my suitcase. 'You have food items in it, don't you?' he asked. 'Yes,' I said, a bit baffled, 'coffee cakes'. 'They're very dense,' he commented. 'Indeed they are!' I replied. He pulled my two cinnamon babkas out of the suitcase. 'We couldn't see through them on the Xray', he explained. 'That's why they're so good,' I replied laughing, 'and I have to tell you, this is going right onto my Facebook page!' He swabbed them for explosives (yes, I'm serious) then again apologetically explained they'd have to go through the Xray machine again but added 'maybe we can get them warm and toasty for you!' So hooray for Green's Babka, the only babka too dense to make it through airport security!
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A lesser babka? I think not!
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Wow. Safeway here in Largo FL is carrying the Cinnamon and Chocolate Babkas for the Jewish holidays. I had to try the Cinnamon. So good. Love all the cinnamon in it.
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Had my first babka recently from Green's. Got to have both the chocolate and the cinnamon. Pure heaven. Let me tell you. Cinnamon babka with coiffe in the morning and chocolate babka for dessert. Cinnamon is my favorite. Absolutely a treat. Glad I was able to find Green's online, as I can't find them locally.
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