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Seven Layer Cake 15 oz
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Seven layer cake is the perfect elegant dessert for a dinner party or special celebration. The cake is coated with scrumptious chocolate ganache in a vision that would delight any chocolate lover.  Slicing the cake reveals  a rich lemon flavored cake stacked up in layers with chocolate cream.  The contrast of the lemon cake layers with the brown chocolate cream is tastes even better than it looks! 

Green's Babka was inspired by Mrs. Chana Green from the remote shtetl of Halmin, Hungary. Known for her delectable pastries, Mrs. Green's children became intrigued with the art of pastry making and chose to follow in her footsteps, opening Green's Babka in a small Brooklyn basement. With her original recipes in hand, multiple generations of Mrs. Green's children carry on her legacy through baking highest-quality babka and rugelach. Baked fresh daily, Green's Babka is proud to bake the finest traditional fresh-baked kosher Jewish pastries with only the freshest ingredients.

This fancy cake comes in a 15 ounce loaf certified kosher and pareve.

Customer Reviews

I finally found the seven layer cake I had as a child when I lived in New York. It brings back wonderful memories, and is as delicious as ever!
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This is by far, the BSOLUTE BEST, most delicious "Seven Layer Cake" you can get outside of New York City. Not a Tort as some places send you, but a Creamy, Outstanding, Delicious Cake fit for a KING, QUEEN and their Court (Family)!!!
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Finally......a 7 layer cake just like I had when I lived in New York. And the tri color cookies are also great.
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Most delicious seven layer cake this is my second time ordering and I will most likely order again and again, cannot get this cake down south and I am a New York girl
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The best the 7 layer the real mccoy anything the black and whites even devil dogs all a piece of new york memories and history
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