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About Us - Green's Traditional Kosher Homestyle Bakery

About Greens Cakes

Green's home-style cakes were originally introduced by the children of Mrs. Chana Green, from the remote shtetl of Halmin, Hungary.

Mrs. Green was known far and wide for baking the most delectable pastries. Her strudel earned her the most prestigious award in the shtetl. And try as they might, no one could duplicate her specialties.

Over time, her children acquired much of her culinary knowledge. Starting from a small basement in Brooklyn, they launched the famous Mrs. Green's Baked Goods store. Many years have passed, and the world renowned Green's Bakery has grown, with orders sent around the world.

Still, this was not enough. More and more people clamored for Green's baked goods. In answer to the call for easier access, the Green's have launched this web site, where anyone can get Mrs. Green's delicacies delivered to their doorsteps with just a click of a button!

Remember, Green's cakes are the best. And they happen to be Kosher too...




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