Green's Babka

The news that shook the world of foodies with a penchant for high-end products: Dean & Deluca closing its doors after 30+ years. As the shock of losing Dean & Deluca wears off, many are left pondering: What’s a foodie to do without the gourmet pastry section of Dean & Deluca? How do I find Dean & Deluca babka, now that they’re no longer? And is there a recipe I can find to recreate my favorite Dean & Deluca babka?

Ponder no longer, foodie. While Dean & Deluca is no longer an option for gourmet pastries, you are not without hope (or Dean & Deluca’s famous babka)! Why? For twenty-five years, Green’s Babka has been the sole supplier of chocolate and cinnamon babka to the luxury foods purveyor. The much-loved babka that once graced the shelves of the retailer is still being baked, with the same celebrated recipe. While we aren’t handing over our recipe for the famous Dean & Deluca babka (or shall we say famous Green’s Babka), the delicious cake is still available to you. The best news of all? With a few clicks, your favorite babka can be delivered directly to your front door.

We invite you to order your favorite babka directly from the source!