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Chocolate Loaf (Babka) - 14 oz

Chocolate Loaf (Babka) - 14 oz

Cinnamon Loaf (Babka) - 14 oz

Cinnamon Loaf (Babka) - 14 oz

Round Chocolate Babka - 26 oz

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Ingredients Flour, Sugar, Palm Oil, Water, Whole Eggs, Cocoa and Cinnamon, Vanilla, Yeast and Salt
Package Size 26 Ounces
In The Package 1 Babka
Seasonal Availability Year Round
Baking Schedule Baked Daily
UPC Code 028448003223

Full of chocolate swirls and old world charm, our fresh-baked Chocolate Babka is the most delectable babka on the market. Prepared and baked in the same tradition as it was over a century ago, our Chocolate Babka is a made with a brioche-like dough and rich chocolate swirls. Often revered as New York City's best babka, our babka consistently generates rave reviews for its irresistible combination of delectable flavor and texture.

Chocolate Babka loaves are available in 14, 16, and 24 oz sizes, as well as 26 oz rounds. (8 ounce Chocolate Babka may be available for special orders. Please call to inquire.)

Green's Chocolate Babka is Certified Kosher and Pareve, made of natural ingredients, and baked in a certified nut-free & dairy-free kitchen. Our chocolate babka will stay fresh in a sealed, unopened bag for up to 8 weeks. It can be frozen. Serve either at room temperature or slightly heated.

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